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File:Maryland in Liberia.jpg|thumb|right|150px|Constitution and Laws of Republic of Maryland|Maryland in Liberia, published by the Maryland State Colonization Society, 1847 The '''Maryland State Colonization Society''' was the Maryland branch of the American Colonization Society, an organization founded in 1816 with the purpose of returning free African Americans to what many Southern United States|Southerners considered greater freedom in Africa. The ACS helped to found the colony of Liberia in 1821–22, as a place for freedmen.Bateman, Graham; Victoria Egan, Fiona Gold, and Philip Gardner (2000). ''Encyclopedia of World Geography''. New York: Barnes & Noble Books. pp. 161. ISBN 1-56619-291-9. The Maryland State Colonization Society was responsible for founding the Republic of Maryland in West Africa, a short lived independent state that in 1857 was annexed by Liberia. The goal of the society was...
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